Swamp Tours in New Orleans and Alligator Love

You come to New Orleans for the food, the scenery… and the alligators!  Get all three when you call The Chief Concierge for a Swamp Tour.  Since prehistoric times, alligators have mated in April and May. You may be treated to the swamp sounds of bull alligators bellowing to attract a mate, fighting off rivals, and thrashing tails

In June or July, lady alligators build huge nests where they lay 30-60 eggs.  The eggs incubate under a pile of decaying vegetation with Mama nearby. When the babies hatch about two months later, they are already nine inches long.

Will you see alligators on your Swamp tour?  Probably! Mature males and non-breeding females tend to stay in deep water habitats. Nesting females, hatchlings, and small juveniles are commonly found in shallow marshes with thick emergent vegetation.

Pro tip!  Do not feed the alligators.  Do not disturb an alligator nest.  Alligators are bitey!

What Else Will You See on Your Swamp Tour?

Alligators hide in the shadows of the palmettos, cypress and tupelo trees, and eat the other residents of the swamp.  Baby gators start with small prey like crawfish, insects, and frogs and graduate to bigger ‘meals’ as they grow. Bring your camera and take pictures of larger animals such as muskrats, nutria, beavers, raccoons, large birds and fish, snakes, turtles, and deer—before a big gator eats them for lunch.

Speaking of Lunch

There are lots of great Cajun restaurants for a wonderful meal before or after your swamp tour.  The Chief Concierge knows where to go. We can arrange the whole thing, even how to get there and back.

Getting to the Swamp

Guests often ask, ‘where’s the swamp’, expecting our marshy wetlands to be around the next corner.  Well, the swamps and bayous are a ways away. You can drive there yourself and we will be pleased to provide directions.  Or you can hire the services of KreweCar, a friendly, local transportation company that knows where to find the swamps without getting lost and can even provide car seats for your children.

Call The Chief Concierge for your unforgettable Swamp Tour.
We will be happy to arrange transportation with KreweCar and recommend a wonderful Cajun restaurant.