September = Sports

Happy September! We’re happy to announce this month is dedicated to all things sports (moving forward expect our content to have a monthly theme). Typically this is the time of year when our attention shifts to our local sports teams and procuring the best seats and experiences for our guests. In the spirit of athleticism, we’re getting the ball rolling to share currently available recommendations and look forward to a game plan that includes our list of favorites as restrictions ease.

Get ready to cheer for your favorite team or join the Who Dat Nation at some of our top sports bars. Head Uptown and enjoy a dozen oysters and a Muffuletta at Cooter Browns or take the Canal Streetcar to another neighborhood classic like the Mid City Yacht Club. Or try the super hot spot Wrong Iron to enjoy the best selection of local craft beers. If you’d prefer to walk from your hotel then walk on over to Walk On’s in the Central Business District and catch a glimpse of our beloved Superdome!

Blend in with the locals and pick up some New Orleans sports themed items from Home Team Sports in Jax Brewery. It’s a great chance to see the inside of the former home of one of the largest breweries to ever operate in the South and pick up a killer souvenir.

The Chief Concierge